Hello Parents

If money doesn't grow on trees, where does it come from?


Help your kids learn about money by earning it. Kids are never too young too earn their own money. In addition to earning a little pocket change, kids learn time management, problem solving skills and how to work with others. They explore their creativity, practice math and writing. They develop confidence and a sense of ownership. Kids also learn the power of giving back. 

Become a business partner with your kid! Sign your kid up for Zibkids.com and start a business together! 
Zibkids sparks great conversations about money. It shows that money grows from gumption, creativity and offering something that people want at a fair price.


Much of Zibkids.com is free to use. And you can easily get all the supplies you need to complete any Zib for well under $20. Tracking the cost of supplies and materials is a key part of the Zibkids experience and kids will need financing to start their businesses.  We suggest parents or grandparents be the BANK of Your Family and explicitly charge 1% interest. All this is laid out in the Zibs guides.  


Zibkids is an experience --- not a just website. Zibkids are projects you can do at home. Zibkids are family oriented, neighborhood oriented, community oriented. 



Feeling extra brave? Teach Our After-School Elementary MBA At your Kids School. It is fun and for late elementary and early middle-schoolers. We'll help you get setup. Schools love it. Parents love it. Kids love it. Learn more.